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Who we are

The Federation

The Federation of International Institutions based in Geneva (FIIG)  brings together international non-governmental organisations, foundations and other non-profit and semi-private institutions in Geneva and its neighboring regions to facilitate coordinated action. FIIG provides members with voice and advice, a knowledge sharing platform and access to opportunities for economies of scale on operational services.


It was founded in June 1929 in Geneva, Switzerland and is a non-profit association in Switzerland.


Today, the Federation has 88 member organisations.



What it does 


  • FIIG defends the interests of its members vis à vis the Swiss federal, cantonal and city authorities on social, legal, tax and employment-related issues.

  • FIIG provides targeted services to members including  knowledge sharing on thematic or sectoral  issues and  competitively priced services negotiated by the Federation for the benefit of its members.

  • FIIG offers advice and  information, refers members to  a trusted network of service providers who have experience working with FIIG members.  

  • FIIG facilitates building partnerships among FIIG members to further member's specific aims and objectives.





FIIG members represent a diverse community of institutions.  They range from large, well resourced organisations to small organisations run by volunteers.  They include professional organisations, humanitarian, faith-based, health, educational , environmental and sport focused organisations among others.  Together they are significant as employers and  contributors to the local economy. 


  • In 1929 FIIG counted 39 organisations in membership which employed more than 200 people and contributed over 1 million Swiss francs to the Geneva economy. 

  • Today, close to 100 member organisations are members of FIIG.  They employ over 3000 people and contribute an estimated 500 million Swiss francs to the local economy. 




FIIG members elect a President and Committee to guide the work of the organisation and approve the admission of new members..  The term of office is two years.  Candidates are nominated by their respective organisations, but serve in their personal capacity.  The Committee also can co-opt members.  The Committee elects its bureau. 



Pr Olivier GONNET a été élu par l'Assemblée Générale 2018 Président de la Fédération.

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