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What we do
FIIG defends the interests of its members vis à vis the Swiss federal, cantonal and city authorities on social, legal, tax and employment-related issues.​

FIIG enjoys a privileged relationship with Swiss federal cantonal and city authorities. It can voice common concerns, facilitate discussions and propose solutions. 

FIIG provides advisory services to members on a wide range of issues.

​FIIG is a trusted advisor.  Members can seek answers to their specific questions in the area of employment, tax, social and legal issues;  they are provided guidance on a range of protocol issues; can be assisted with job placements and receive recommendations on tried and tested service providers, among others.

FIIG is a platform for knowledge sharing.

FIIG organises ad hoc information sessions in areas of common interest.  It has addressed pension and social security issues, employees benefits including producing salary surveys to allow benchmarking salary scales for similar positions,  and is currently seeking to promote events among members working in the same sector,  It brokers relationships between members and regularly shares information with members. 

Economies of scale
FIIG offers access to economies of scale for services

FIIG  provides concrete member-value by offering cost-savings for common operational services. FIIG has successfully negotiated special rates/services with providers of health insurance, travel services, capacity building for staff and legal counsel.   

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